The home for the lurers in the world of runescape that desire those pixels.

Here in this home, I will teach you the concept of luring and how to perform a perfect lure to claim those pixels you want to hug.                                                                                                                   

The Concept of Luring - The concept of luring is pretty simple, there is a killer ( or more, it is optional ) and a talker. The talker scouts for a fairly wealthy player that stands out in the crowd. The talker should scout in the ge in world 2 as it is fairly  there. The talker then tries to convince the wealthy victim and tells them that they are dropping a certain amount of cash ( preferably 20m+ ) and that they will drop it in the wilderness level 3 to make it interesting. ( This is one certain lure called the jojo lure but their are many more methods. ) The talker drops their cash behind the wilderness ditch, high alchs a med rune helm and drops the cash from the alch in level 3 wilderness, runs back and picks up the big cash stack. The victim jumps over the ditch and as they pickup the money they notice it's 10k and by then, the killer which should be camping in the wilderness would have barraged/teleblocked and entangle the victim and clawed/agsed them.


Luring Methods -

Jojo lure

Chinchompa lure

Clan wars lure

Drop party lure

Black Knight lure.


I will post guides on these other lures in time, but for now have fun trying out the jojo lure :D

If you would like to lure with me then add me in game and private message me: Fatal Prayer

Or you can join my friend chat channel : Fatal Prayer


I will also be posting scamming methods and bot killing methods later on.

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